Bug fixes and updates #1

Quezer beta version release! 2019-05-05

Today new version of Quezer has come to light! We hope that you will enjoy using our app. The app is meant to help you learn anything you want and stay organized. We believe that flashcards are the perfect way for studying and reviewing our knowledge. The problem starts, when we have hundreds of them and we don't know, which one we should repeat. Quezer aims at this problem. You don't have to worry anymore, that you will forget something from a flashcard. Quezer will make sure, that every flashcard is properly reviewed and learnt. The only think, that you have to do is come back to Quezer everyday and check if there are repetitions waiting for you :)

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please don't hesitate and contact with us: contact@quezer.com

Below you can see the list of (probably) all released features

Released features:

  • Managing user account
    • Register new account
    • Complete profile
    • Upload user avatar
    • Login
    • Logout
    • Reset password
  • Managing boxes
    • Create language box
    • Create standard box
    • List of boxes
    • Search box by name
    • Save box changes in realtime
    • Publish box
    • Remove box
    • Change box name
    • Change box science
    • Change box language
    • Change box description
  • Managing flashcards
    • Search flashcards
    • Add flashcard to box
    • Remove flashcard from box
    • Edit flashcard in box
    • Start tracking progress of a flashcard
  • Learning flashcards
    • Learn box mode
    • Exercise: watch flashcard and remember
    • Exercise: choose correct term
    • Exercise: choose correct definition
    • Exercise: Type term
    • Exercise: Tell the answer
  • Tracking progress
    • List of all studied flashcards
    • Answers history for each flashcard
    • Leveling of flashcards
    • Next repetition date
    • Remove flashcard from tracking
    • Reset flashcard progress
    • Set flashcard as mastered
  • Smart repetitions
    • Repetitions calendar
    • Repetitions for today divided by field of science
    • Repeat mode for today's repetitions

Future plans

Our next step is to make you feel less alone in our app :) We want to let you see other users and their boxes. We want to give you the ability to search and study boxes of other users. We also would like to include some kind of gamification into our app, so that it will be more pleasant and motivating to use. Any ideas and feedback is more than welcome! contact@quezer.com


Bug fixes and updates #1

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