Privacy Policy / Information Clause

What data do we collect and process?

All the data provided by your browser (for example your IP address, operating system, what parts of the Service you use, what time you visit our Service, etc).

All the data that you provide to us during registration and after registration while using our Service (data like email address, username, encrypted password, avatar, study materials, etc).

Data from our partners, like:

  • data for analytics purposes
  • data for advertising purposes
  • demographic data
  • data from the platforms on which you are using our Service
  • data from third party tools, like log in with Facebook or log in with Google, Google Adsense, Google Analytics, HotJar

What is the purpose of processing your personal data?

To provide the best study application in the world! 🙂

We need your data for:

  • operating the Service - making it possible for our Service to work. Without your data we cannot display to you your learning materials or prepare repetitions of the flashcards for you
  • analising the usage of our Service. This will let us know how to improve our Service. For example, when we see that many users like a certain feature, then we can focus on improving this feature instead of creating a new one.
  • earning money. Yes, that’s true. We use your data for better adversitement targeting. Developing this app and maintaining it take both time and money. We must somehow monetize the Service to keep it going!

How long do we keep your data?

There is no time limit, after which your data is removed. You can always ask us to do it.

Who can you contact to get information about your data being processed?

You can contact with us by email:

Do we transfer your data to countries outside the European Economic Area?

Yes, your data may be transfered outside the EEA. For example we may transfer your data to Google LLC servers in order to analyze the usage of the Service or in order to send you emails.

International data transfer

Your data may be transfered and processed in other countries, than the one in which you are resident and they may have different data protection laws from your country.

How do we secure your data?

We implemented restricted access to our servers and databases. We are also using a firewall to allow to users access all the data only in the way we want them to. Your data is protected by the password that you provided to us. Your password is not stored on our servers. We have only encrypted version of your password. This way even if someone will get unathorized access to our database, he/she won’t get your password.

How we use your personal data?

It depends on the data.

Your password:

We only store an encrypted version of your password on our servers and we use it only to let you login to our Service. If you forget your password, then there is no way to restore it (even we don’t know your password). You can always provide your email and create a new password for your account.

Your email address is used for sending you emails like:
  • confirm account email
  • reset password email
  • awaiting repetitions email
  • and other emails about our Service, new features and good offers from our partners that we have for you
Your username, avatar and all the content, that you create by using our app:

These data will be displayed and available for anyone. Your username and avatar will be displayed, among from others, on your profile page and next to boxes created by you. Read our Terms of Service to know more about what we can do with the content, that you create in our Service.

Your Disqus data:

We are using Disqus widget for commenting our posts. If you leave a comment, then your Disqus account and your comment will be visible on our website.

Who do we share your personal information with?

  • with other users of the Service
  • with third party tools, services, partners and applications, like Google Analytics, Google Adsense, hosting providers, AWS, Facebook, HotJar
  • with advertising companies
  • with law enforcement bodies, police, government etc.
  • with a potential or actual buyer of our Service
  • with people engaged in the development and improvement of our Service

Changes to this document

This document may change in the future. If its provisions don't suit you, you can ask us any time to remove your account and all your personal data:

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